100M 2mm 7x7 Galv Wire Rope

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6x7 construction general purpose wire rope is available with either FC (fibre core) or WSC (wire strand core). When supplied with a WSC the rope is more commonly referred to as 7x7. The rope is very popular in smaller diameters from 0.5mm to 2mm where the cable remains very flexible. 6x7 ropes become quite rigid in the larger diameters and are often considered stiff in diameters 6mm and above. In these diameters they tend to be used for applications where the rope is omit/not working. A typical example being a mast stay. 7x7 construction is readily available in both galvanised and marine grade stainless steel.


  • General engineering applications 
  • Small diameter wire rope slings 
  • Stay wires 
  • Fencing rope 
  • Catenary wire 
  • Garage door cables 
  • Standing rigging 
  • Hanging signs
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