2000M 0.90mm 7x7 S/Steel Wire Rope

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7x7 AISI316 stainless steel wire rope is used for a wide range of applications. More flexible than 1x19 but more rigid than 7x19, the 7x7 construction is often used where 1x19 lacks enough flexibility for an application or where 7x19’s weaker breaking load is too low for an application. Used extensively throughout the marine industry as well as for general engineering applications, 7x7’s excellent breaking load and flexibility in the smaller diameters make it a favourite for control cable and a variety of marine rigging applications, examples of which are shown below:


  • Control cables 
  • Standing rigging 
  • Running rigging 
  • Steering cable 
  • Marine/Saltwater environment 
  • Sewage treatment works
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